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Acta medicinae legalis et socialis

Journal Volume: 39
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 1989
Articles in SafetyLit: 39

A fatal ingestion of sparteine and meprobamate: medicolegal and toxicological data

Alcohol and psychotropic drugs in road accidents in the Nord-pas-de-calais region

Anatomoclinical correlations in cranio-cerebral thanatogenerating traumatisms

Calculation of distance of a projectile from a place across a body till total loss of kinetic energy

Computer modeling and dummy simulation studies of occupant kinetics in road accidents

Conjugal murders

Deaths from acute alcohol poisoning

Detection of psychotropic drug abuse

Effects of ethanol and beta-adrenergic antagonists on cold adaptation

Epiglottic lesion, a probable in vivo reaction during hanging

Ethanol elimination influenced by polymorphism of ethanol-metabolizing enzymes and obesity

Fatal poisonings in Hungary

Forensic importance of morphofunctional changes of intestinal mucosa in shock: postmortem and experimental investigations

Forensic management of civilian mass aircraft disaster: organising problems in Italy

Hybrid isoelectric focusing with pH gradients. A new method for the differential diagnosis between ante- and postmortem injuries

Importance of bone fractures in the lower extremities of killed pedestrians from the aspect of forensic medicine


Injuries of drivers who used seat belts killed in traffic accidents

Injury pattern of offenders and victims in rape cases. A discriminant analysis

Lesions from blunt instruments during life. Statistics from the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Porto (1985-1987)

Morphological diagnosis of sudden cardiac death

Mycotoxins and pseudomycotoxins

Myocardial haemorrhagic necrosis in delayed death from electrocution

Serum LDH isoenzyme changes after organic solvent inhalation

Sexual abuses against those under 16 years of age. an analysis of 60 cases seen at the institute of forensic medicine in coimbra

Sexual offenses: between myth and reality

Speargun injuries: a case of wilful murder

Statistics on poisoning deaths: the Institute of Forensic Medicine of Porto (1979-1987)

Sudden death following ingestion of illicit heroin for concealing

The clinical and computed tomographic aspects of carbon monoxide poisoning based on the experience of the poison control center of Tunis

The determination of strontium as an element in the forensic medical diagnosis of drowning

The diagnostic limits of the blood ionogram. A comparison in drowning

The differential immunochemical aspects of the ante- and postmortem skin wound

The flushing syndrome after ethanol intake caused by aldehyde dehydrogenase deficiency in Orientals

The forensic medical aspects of paraquat poisonings

The importance of the seat belt

The pulmonary lesions in paraquat poisoning

The variation in carbon monoxide release in the blood stain and in visceral tissues

Violence by burns: a forensic medical study apropos 93 cases