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Addictive behaviors

Journal Volume: 50
Journal Issue:
Journal Year: 2015
Articles in SafetyLit: 13

Adverse childhood experiences and substance use among Hispanic emerging adults in Southern California

Distress tolerance in social versus solitary college student drinkers

Drinking patterns of alcohol intoxicated adolescents in the emergency department: a latent class analysis

Effects of 21st birthday brief interventions on college student celebratory drinking: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Friend or foe: personal use and friends' use of protective behavioral strategies and spring break drinking

Gender differences in the developmental trajectories of multiple substance use and the effect of nicotine and marijuana use on heavy drinking in a high-risk sample

Mood & alcohol-related attentional biases: new considerations for gender differences and reliability of the visual-probe task

Patterns of use of other drugs among those with alcohol dependence: associations with drinking behavior and psychopathology

Quantifying alcohol consumption: self-report, transdermal assessment, and prediction of dependence symptoms

Separate dimensions of anxiety differentially predict alcohol use among male juvenile offenders

The effect of cross-border mobility on alcohol and drug use among Mexican-American residents living at the U.S.-Mexico border

The interactive effect of paternal problem drinking and maternal problem drinking on adolescent internalizing problems

The utility of collateral student drinking reports: evidence from a biomarker study