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Pan T, Wang H, Si H, Li Y, Shang L. Sensors (Basel) 2021; 21(9): e3003.


(Copyright © 2021, MDPI: Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute)






Fatigue is an important factor affecting modern flight safety. It can easily lead to a decline in pilots' operational ability, misjudgments, and flight illusions. Moreover, it can even trigger serious flight accidents. In this paper, a wearable wireless physiological device was used to obtain pilots' electrocardiogram (ECG) data in a simulated flight experiment, and 1440 effective samples were determined. The Friedman test was adopted to select the characteristic indexes that reflect the fatigue state of the pilot from the time domain, frequency domain, and non-linear characteristics of the effective samples. Furthermore, the variation rules of the characteristic indexes were analyzed. Principal component analysis (PCA) was utilized to extract the features of the selected feature indexes, and the feature parameter set representing the fatigue state of the pilot was established. For the study on pilots' fatigue state identification, the feature parameter set was used as the input of the learning vector quantization (LVQ) algorithm to train the pilots' fatigue state identification model.

RESULTS show that the recognition accuracy of the LVQ model reached 81.94%, which is 12.84% and 9.02% higher than that of traditional back propagation neural network (BPNN) and support vector machine (SVM) model, respectively. The identification model based on the LVQ established in this paper is suitable for identifying pilots' fatigue states. This is of great practical significance to reduce flight accidents caused by pilot fatigue, thus providing a theoretical foundation for pilot fatigue risk management and the development of intelligent aircraft autopilot systems.

Language: en


electrocardiogram; feature analysis; fight safety; identification of fatigue; pilot fatigue


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