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Mantero S, Baldasseroni A, Chellini E, Giovanetti L. Med. Lav. 2005; 96(3): 238-242.

Vernacular Title

Infortuni mortali lavorativi: aggiornamento dei dati di un registro di mortalita.


Scuola di Specializzazione di Igiene e Medicina Preventiva, Universita degli Studi di Firenze.


(Copyright © 2005, Società italiana di medicina del lavoro, Publisher Mattioli)






BACKGROUND: In Italy, almost one thousand deaths due to occupational accidents are usually registered by INAIL each year. Case registration by INAIL has merely administrative purposes and therefore it is necessary to use other sources for case ascertainment in order to better estimate the real number of deaths related to occupational accidents, as shown also by previous papers. OBJECTIVES: Evaluation of the contribution of another data source, namely the Tuscany Regional Mortality Registry, to obtain the correct figure for occupational accident deaths through the use of a place-of-occurrence notation on the death certificate. METHODS: Cases that occurred in residents in Tuscany in 2000-2001 were considered. They were identified from : a) the Tuscany Regional Mortality Registry (RMR) using the E code of the ICD LX code of death, the year and place of occurrence; b) the INAIL archive using the year of event, the type of definition and management. RESULTS: The INAIL source was without doubt the most informative but was only 51% complete, whereas the RMR source, although less informative, was more complete (82.4%) and allowed identification of cases not registered by INAIL, that had occurred for instance in the Armed Forces and in the National Railway Company. However, the vast majority of RMR extra-cases occurred in subjects aged 65+, in agriculture and in the building industry. CONCLUSION: It is currently possible to plan a systematic linkage of the two sources due to the new possibilities that are available: the place-of-occurrence in the death certificate and the availability of individual data in the INAIL source.


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