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Acta medicinae legalis et socialis

Journal Volume: 35
Journal Issue: 1
Journal Year: 1985
Articles in SafetyLit: 22

A case of poisoning by methylene chloride during the spraying of a new cargo vessel

A contribution to the application of spectral methods in examination of intoxications

Biochemical aspects of lithium toxicity

Blood alcohol levels in motor vehicle accident fatalities in the Republic of South Africa

Clinical, morphopathological and toxicological studies in acute benzodiazepine poisonings

Driving and alcohol

Fatal central effects of diazepam potentiated by alcohol and haldol

Importance of alveolar pulmonary gas analysis in mass-disaster victims

Investigating effects of alcohol and medicaments in traffic casualties

Investigation of fatal bipyridyl poisonings

Legal medicine questions connected with toxicoses due to combustion cases

Microcomputer-based data register in the forensic toxicological laboratory

Poisoning by alcohol, narcotics and psychotropic drugs. a study of alcohol-drug associations in forensic medical thanatological practice

Some questions concerning the use of safety belts in road traffic

Studies on paraquat poisoning

The assessment of the nontoxic methanol level in body fluids and tissues

The expert assessment of whiplash injury with reference to the accident sequence

The finding of clues for the reconstruction of cases of being run over by a train

The medico-legal investigation of narcotic related deaths in Belgrade: 1980-1984

The medicolegal aspects of phosphine poisoning

Trend of fatal poisonings during the past five years in the activity of the National Institute of Forensic Toxicology

Tricyclic antidepressants: clinical considerations, tissue concentrations and morphopathologic changes in the acute intoxication in man