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Sensors (Basel)

Journal Volume: 21
Journal Issue: 6
Journal Year: 2021
Articles in SafetyLit: 19

A feasibility study of the use of smartwatches in wearable fall detection systems

A hybrid tracking system of full-body motion inside crowds

A robust road vanishing point detection adapted to the real-world driving scenes

An analysis on the performance of a mobile platform with gas sensors for real time victim localization

Classification of standing and walking states using ground reaction forces

Deep learning-based congestion detection at urban intersections

Design, implementation, and configuration of laser systems for vehicle detection and classification in real time

Early detection of freezing of gait during walking using inertial measurement unit and plantar pressure distribution data

Effect of enhanced ADAS camera capability on traffic state estimation

Identifying fall risk predictors by monitoring daily activities at home using a depth sensor coupled to machine learning algorithms

Intelligent transportation related complex systems and sensors

Motorway measurement campaign to support R&D activities in the field of automated driving technologies

NT-FDS - a noise tolerant fall detection system using deep learning on wearable devices

Performance evaluation of the highway radar occupancy grid

Predicting the coping skills of older drivers in the face of unexpected situation

Sensor and sensor fusion technology in autonomous vehicles: a review

The wildland fire heat budget-using bi-directional probes to measure sensible heat flux and energy in surface fires

Towards a sustainable city for cyclists: promoting safety through a mobile sensing application

Weakly supervised reinforcement learning for autonomous highway driving via virtual safety cages