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Sensors (Basel)

Journal Volume: 21
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2021
Articles in SafetyLit: 20

A game theory-based approach for modeling autonomous vehicle behavior in congested, urban lane-changing scenarios

A pedestrian detection algorithm based on score fusion for multi-LiDAR systems

A robust thermal infrared vehicle and pedestrian detection method in complex scenes

An optimum deployment algorithm of camera networks for open-pit mine slope monitoring

Autonomous ground vehicle lane-keeping LPV model-based control: dual-rate state estimation and comparison of different real-time control strategies

Bridge damage detection approach using a roving camera technique

Detecting walking challenges in gait patterns using a capacitive sensor floor and recurrent neural networks

Does free route implementation influence air traffic management system? Case study in Poland

Dynamic bandwidth part allocation in 5G ultra reliable low latency communication for unmanned aerial vehicles with high data rate traffic

Examination of driver visual and cognitive responses to billboard elicited passive distraction using eye-fixation related potential

Feasibility of mobile laser scanning towards operational accurate road rut depth measurements

From data to actions in intelligent transportation systems: a prescription of functional requirements for model actionability

Fully automatic fall risk assessment based on a fast mobility test

Holistic vehicle instrumentation for assessing driver driving styles

Multi-task end-to-end self-driving architecture for CAV platoons

Quantitative evaluation of burn injuries based on electrical impedance spectroscopy of blood with a seven-parameter equivalent circuit

Robust target detection and tracking algorithm based on roadside radar and camera

Self-organized crowd dynamics: research on earthquake emergency response patterns of drill-trained individuals based on GIS and multi-agent systems methodology

Sensors on the move: onboard camera-based real-time traffic alerts paving the way for cooperative roads

Visual measurement system for wheel-rail lateral position evaluation