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Sensors (Basel)

Journal Volume: 18
Journal Issue: 4
Journal Year: 2018
Articles in SafetyLit: 15

A method for extracting road boundary information from crowdsourcing vehicle GPS trajectories

A novel detection model and its optimal features to classify falls from low- and high-acceleration activities of daily life using an insole sensor system

A novel GMM-based behavioral modeling approach for smartwatch-based driver authentication

A vehicular mobile standard instrument for field verification of traffic speed meters based on dual-antenna doppler radar sensor

Analysis of a smartphone-based architecture with multiple mobility sensors for fall detection with supervised learning

Convolutional neural network-based classification of driver's emotion during aggressive and smooth driving using multi-modal camera sensors

Delving deep into multiscale pedestrian detection via single scale feature maps

Dual-task elderly gait of prospective fallers and non-fallers: a wearable-sensor based analysis

Enhanced pedestrian navigation based on course angle error estimation using cascaded Kalman filters

Pure FPGA implementation of an HOG based real-time pedestrian detection system

Real-life/real-time elderly fall detection with a triaxial accelerometer

Sensor technologies for intelligent transportation systems

Supporting beacon and event-driven messages in vehicular platoons through token-based strategies

Tightly-coupled GNSS/vision using a sky-pointing camera for vehicle navigation in urban areas

Verifying safety messages using relative-time and zone priority in vehicular ad hoc networks